Best Restaurants In South Korea


Korea, which is situated in East Asia is a top tourism destination. It offers numerous stunning experiences to the explorers. Aside from the fact that people visit Korea for winter sports and to appreciate different traditional and intriguing festivals, for example, the mud festivals. About 12 million people visit Korea consistently making tourism one of the most thriving ventures in Korea. What’s more, this is the reason one can mostly discover astounding restaurants in Korea. These restaurants will leave you requesting more as they offer scrumptious food alongside an interesting and charming climate. Below we have listed a few eateries in Korea that never fail to intrigue travelers with their service and food.

10 Best Restaurants in Korea For Delicious Food

Korea has various restaurants that offer lip-smacking and heavenly nourishment. Here is a list of top 10 eateries in Korea for you to have an exciting eating experience

1. Jungsik Seoul

Situated in South Korea, it is probably the best restaurant in Korea. One can discover astonishing Korean foods here and to add to your excitement, it isn’t unreasonably costly too. Additionally, one more included point about this restaurant is that it utilizes a large portion of the traditional ingredients and serves them with a modern twist. It is likewise one of Asia’s 50 best eateries. This Korean eatery will give an astonishing eating experience certainly.

2. Braai Republic

Situated in Seoul, South Korea, one can discover African cooking and grill in this restaurant. One of a kind and energizing thing about this restaurant is that it serves food in home-style cooking. It serves meat pies that are crisply heated and it is perhaps the best thing about this restaurant. It is one of the top Seoul Korean Restaurant and is an absolute necessity visit. The traditional and scrumptious South African food is simply amazing and absolutely lip-smacking. You will definitely have an amazing experience.

3. The Parkview

This restaurant in Korea offers universal, Asian and Korean cooking styles. Situated in South Korea, this eatery additionally offers veggie lover and vegetarian food choices to travelers. Likewise, the place is renowned for its Sunday early lunch. The spot gives the best smorgasbord in Korea no doubt. You will most likely have an amazing eating experience in this restaurant.

4. Sanchon Established

by a Buddhist priest, it is a top vegetarian eatery in South Africa. It offers Asian and Korean cooking styles. What is exceptional about there is that the food is prepared with normal ingredients and there is no utilization of fake added substances. The vibe of the eatery is additionally one of a kind with music and lanterns. Buddhist fine arts add to the atmosphere of the spot. A Korean dance performance is additionally organized on a regular basis in the restaurant for the guests.

5. Gurkha Indian Restaurant Situated

in Myeongdong, this restaurant offers Chinese, Indian and Nepalese foods to the guests. One can discover satisfying and heavenly nourishment here which worth the sum paid for. The customary cooking styles offered in this restaurant are simply astonishing. The climate is great and the costs are also reasonable in this restaurant. Remember to try out the Indian food of this restaurant as you visit Korea.

6. La Yeon

Taste the traditional Korean food in a rich style. Probably one of the best restaurants in Korea, this Korean restaurant additionally holds a Michelin 3 star rating. This top of the line restaurant will leave you requesting for more without a doubt. The perfectly presented food leaves the visitors satisfied. Have your food with a stunning perspective. The wonderful interior designs of the place leave guests requesting more. Remember to save a table and have lip-smacking nourishment in this eatery.

7. Cook and Book

Situated in South Korea, one of the top-rated restaurants in Korea. The restaurant offers astonishing veggie lover nourishment choices to the visitors. The adorable inside and the well-composed staff of the place will add to your experience of the place. Furthermore, its tasty delightful food makes it deserve a visiting. One can likewise discover delicious vegetarian desserts in this restaurant. Furthermore, remember to try out the veggie lover eggplant lasagna offered by this restaurant.

8. Korea House

This place is substantially more than a restaurant. Aside from the tasty food, it likewise offers excitement to the visitors. The visitors can enjoy some astounding social exhibitions alongside lip-smacking food. The cultural social show will keep you attached to this place. It is perhaps the best spot to understand and appreciate Korean culture. Visit the place around evening time and it will leave you hypnotized. Along these lines, remember to visit this Korean restaurant on your visit to Korea.

9. Ganges Restaurant

As the name suggests, it is an Indian restaurant. The restaurant offers delectable food conjoined with an astonishing atmosphere. Relish in the veggie lover and the non-vegan food that this restaurant offers. The tandoor dishes are the claim to fame of this restaurant. It is an extraordinary Indian restaurant in Korea no doubt.

10. Maple Tree House

It is an exceptionally celebrated and premier barbeque chain with activities in Korea since 2005. This restaurant has turned into a top-notch feasting space offering the best barbeque. This family restaurant in Korea will without a doubt leave you entranced with its excellent insides. Do visit Maple Tree House for some astounding nourishment without a doubt.


Conclusively, South Korea has a culture that depends on Confucianism ideology and remains firmly practiced throughout the nation. Their way of life that based on Confucianism makes a few social hindrances and difficulties that must be prepared before beginning their activities in the nation. South Korea’s capital, Seoul remained the most well-known destination for arrivals in 2009, as more than 2.5 million inbound tourists visited the city.

Inchon, Busan, Jeju, Daegu, and Daejeon were the following most prominent destinations. Seoul offers varieties of attractions, including cultural treasures, for example, museums and royal residences, just as huge marketplaces, theme/amusement parks, and beauty shops. Myongdong downtown territory is host to a variety of activities, including shopping, dining out, skin care, and entertainment. A huge number of inbound vacationers visiting traditional marketplaces in 2008 and 2009 compensated for the decrease in local shoppers seen because of the economic downturn. As per a national traveler tourist office survey, shopping remains one of the most prevalent activities among inbound tourists visiting South Korea. The city of Incheon has seen arrivals development in recent years not just as a result of its proximity to Korea’s largest international airport, but in addition to the advancement of the new business center situated there. A business center point, which uses Dubai as a benchmark, is being created in Songdo on 1,500 acres of recovered land. With the planned city gradually taking shape, Incheon Metropolitan Government has been effectively advancing Songdo globally as a venue for international occasions.